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COMPIC Image Library

COMPIC (COMmunication PICtographs)

COMPIC is a set of computer-generated line drawings created and developed in Australia. It does not rely on reading the written word, hearing a word spoken or speaking a word. It is a library of clear and easily understood drawings, called pictographs, which convey information. Pictographs are the visual representation of a word or a concept.

Initially developed as an augmentative communication resource, COMPIC can be utilised in a variety of situations including Schools, Hospitals, Community and Pictographs.

The pictographs are visual cues that are clear and representational of the real thing or concept. Both adults and children can use the pictographs in a variety of settings to assist with overcoming communication and/or literacy difficulties. Pictographs help bridge the gap where communication is not occurring.

Communication can be assisted by the pictographs in situations where the user has:

*Communication difficulties due to physical disability or acquired head injury
*Poor literacy skills
*English as their second language

The COMPIC Image Library is available on CD and contains approximately 1,200 pictographs in colour or black and white. COMPIC pictographs are based on international symbol conventions and represent a wide range of concepts, activities and objects.

Click here to see an example of the COMPIC images.

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