The Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS) provides communication aids to adults with communication difficulties.

What are communication aids?

Communication aids are resources you can use to help get your message across. They come in many shapes and sizes and are customised to meet your individual needs.

We can support you with aids that suit your specific communication needs and help you to overcome everyday communication barriers.

Scope provides these resources through the Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS). The scheme funds communications aids such as communication boards, community request cards, personal histories, plus many more.

Find out what communication products and resources are available in the Scope shop.

What is the Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme? 

NECAS provides a range of non-electronic communication aids to adults who have communication difficulties. It aims to help people with a disability to successfully communicate.

NECAS is a service provided by Scope that is funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

As the NECAS provider, we support you with:

  • Information and advice
  • Individualised non-electronic communication aids

Who can access the Non-Electronic Communication Aid Scheme?

You may be able to access NECAS if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are an adult aged 18 and over
  • Have communication difficulties
  • Have permanent or long term disability
  • Live in Victoria

If you need a communication assessment, contact your local Speech Pathologist through the Communication Access Network (CAN).

If you are a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) you are not eligible for NECAS. You can access funding for non-electronic communication aids through your NDIS individual support plan.

How can I apply?

Complete our NECAS request form and return it to Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre.


Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre
830 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill VIC 3128

Fax: 9843 2033

For more information

Contact the Communication Inclusion and Resource Centre:

Phone: 9843 2000


As a Speech Pathologist working with clients’ at home or in their rural Victorian communities, I am thankful for NECAS’s support. NECAS has supported my clients’ journey with regards to their communication difficulties and provided them with that ‘link of hope’ through their grieving and healing process, assisting individuals and their carers to continue to have alternative options for communication and life participation.

– Mary, Speech Pathologist



Tools 2 Talk

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Available now, only on iTunes for $14.99

Tools 2 Talk consists of a range of communication aid templates for the iPad. The content of each aid can be individualised using a comprehensive symbol library or your own photos directly from your iPad camera.

These aids can be used as printed resources or on the screen without voice output. People who are non-verbal, with little or no speech will find these communication aids useful to help get their message across, and those with difficulties understanding speech will find the resources useful in recognising what is happening in their world.

Templates available in the app include:

  • Comprehensive expressive aids which aim to meet most of the person’s communication needs such as communication boards
  • Targeted expressive aids which are designed for specific situations when limited message sets are needed such as community request cards
  • Visual supports which help a person to understand his/her environment remember events or assist with the completion of tasks such as calendars and ‘who’s here today’ boards.

Features of the app:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Example templates for you to view
  • Symbolstix library of over 12,000 symbols
  • COMPIC library of over 1,500 symbols
  • You can import photos direct from your iPad’s camera roll
  • Print your boards directly from your device
  • Save your completed boards to PDF, camera roll, email or export them to Dropbox
  • Colour and edit the text, border and backgrounds
  • Write text on your boards using any of the built-in international iPad keyboards
  • Use the inbuilt help section to support new users
  • Option of ordering a professional print-out from Scope (for an additional fee)

Please note, Tools 2 Talk is only available for download from iTunes for $14.99.

For more information, please contact Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre

Phone: (03) 9843 2000


Key Word Sign Australia

key word sign

Key Word Sign is the use of manual signs and natural gesture to support communication. Key Word Sign is used to encourage and support language development in children and adults with communication difficulties.

Key Word Signing uses a core vocabulary of specially selected words that comprises concepts and ideas considered to be the most appropriate for children and adults with communication and language difficulties.Each word (concept) is matched to a hand sign.  Key Word Signing uses Auslan signsAuslan is the native language of the Australian deaf community (Australian Sign Language).

Click here to see more information related to Key Word Sign Australia.