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Did you know that 1 in 7 Australians will have a communication difficulty at some stage in their life?

Communication Access Symbol

When you see this symbol, it means the place or service you are visiting is communication accessible. These organisations have removed communication barriers for people with communication difficulties by ensuring staff have positive attitudes and communication skills. They may also provide clear signage, easy to read information, hearing loops and TTY telephones, user friendly technology and access to sign language interpreters. Since 2011, more than 100 Victorian businesses and services have been awarded the Communication Access Symbol. These organisations are recognised for their role in creating a more inclusive environment for people with communication difficulties. The Communication Access Symbol is endorsed by a number of respected organisations, including:

What is communication access? Imagine what it would be like if you were unable to speak or had difficulty getting your message across. Communication access aims to create a world where people who have speech and hearing difficulties are able to communicate successfully with everyone. There are some simple things we can all do to remove communication barriers in the community. Watch the ‘Are you communication accessible’ video to learn more.

Learn how your organisation can be awarded the Communication Access Symbol.

Follow the ’10 Steps to Communication Access’.

How communication accessible are you? Checkout our quiz to find out how accessible your business or organisation is for people with communication difficulties.

Do you need a communication aid?

Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre can produce a comprehensive range of communication aids specifically for you. Or, you can visit our shop to purchase Communication Aid Creator to make your own communication aids directly from our easy to use templates.

Do you have a communication difficulty?

Try our introduction cards to create communication access when out and about. For more information about the Communication Access Symbol or to organise an assessment of your business or organisation, contact your Regional Communication Service.

Alternatively, you can contact the Communication Inclusion and Resource Centre:

Phone: 03 9843 2000

Email: circ@scopevic.org.au