At Scope, our aim is to give every school and its students the opportunity to access our education programs and therapy services.

Find out how we can help your students reach their full potential.

Communication aids and resources

Find our which communication aids and resources are available to you through our Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme.

Disability education programs for schools

We offer primary and secondary schools fun and interactive education programs. Our programs give students the chance to learn about disability and and diversity.

Therapy in schools

Scope supports the development and well-being of students with a disability and learning difficulties -- in the classroom and in everyday life. We can organise individual or group therapy sessions at your school.

Education and training

Scope offers education programs to businesses, organisations, local governments, schools and community groups across Victoria. Scope’s education programs aim to foster understanding and promote the importance of creating welcoming and inclusive communities for people living with a disability. Programs can be tailored to suit the goals of your organisation.

Gastrostomy Information & Support Service

Endorsements for communication access

We would like to thank the organisations that have officially endorsed communication access.

Organisations that have officially endorsed communication access.
Communication access affirms that:
1. Communication is a human right
2. Communities, organisations and services need to be accessible to everyone
3. People with communication disabilities have specific access requirements

These organisations and services acknowledge that communities, organisations and services need to be communication accessible so that people with communication disabilities can access, participate and be included in their local communities.

Kids Chat

Kids Chat - Non-electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS) for Children