Scope's Communication Resource Centre

Man speaking to women Supporting people with complex communication needs.

Scope's Communication Resource Centre provides information, advice, resources and services relating to the many different aspects of communication disabilities. We aim to increase community awareness and the involvement of people with communication difficulties in their local and broader community. People with complex communication difficulties either cannot speak or have speech that is difficult to understand. They use other ways of communicating. This is called augmentative and alternative communication.

Communication Access SymbolCommunication Access is when everyone can get their message across.  Communication access is about shops and services being communication friendly. This symbol will identify places and services as being communication accessible.


Map of VictoriaThe Communication Access Network (CAN) – This network comprises of a range of local and statewide services and supports for adults with communication difficulties to communicate effectively and participate in their own communities.


Finger pointing to picture on boardNon-electronic communication aids – These are available for adults through the Non electronic Communication Aid Scheme (NECAS).



Calendar iconEducation & Training – We offer a range of education and training workshops. 



Accessible Information ServicesAccessible Information Services – We develop plain and Easy English information. We also provide training in this area.



ResourcesResources – A wide range of resources including publications and communication aids.



 Tools 2 Talk iconTools 2 Talk - iPad app for creating communication aids 




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