Transport is a major service of Scope. We operate a statewide fleet of buses and vans, transporting hundreds of people daily. Our services are used predominantly by people with high support needs to access programs such as therapy, and to participate in a variety of community-based activities.

We are advocate for low-floor buses and planned super-tram stops, that will enable people with a disability to more easily access the public transport system. Transport is a vital service that presents an ongoing challenge, and solutions are constantly being investigated to find ways in which to improve all transport services.

Some of the issues addressed by Scope:

  • We explore how best to deal with the rising recurrent costs of transport.
  • We work with the Department of Human Services and other agencies regarding specialised transport and the issue of accessibility to public transport.
  • We are working to find solutions for the ongoing difficulties being experienced with the multi-purpose taxi service.
  • Scope is working towards making ticketing machines more accessible for people with disabilities.
  • We are collaborating with local councils to improve street planning and accessibility.

Scope will continue to take an active role in the planning and provision of new and improved standards for transport services. And transport will remain high on our list of ongoing priorities, as a valuable way in which people with disabilities will continue to be able to access community-based activities and more fully integrate into community life.

Useful Contacts and Resources

The Public Transport Division works with public transport operators to ensure all members of the community, including people with special needs, can access train, tram, bus and taxi services.

Further details and contacts is found with the Department of Transport.

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